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Apostille Certificate

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The procedures have recently changed for certain classes of documentation. Diplomas, degrees and other academic qualifications need to be verified by the Department of Higher Eduction prior to apostilles being issued. All apostilles for the affected classes of documents, including Police Clearances, Marriage Certificates and Birth Certificates are issued in Pretoria by the Department of International Relations & Cooperation (DIRCO). We have a dedicated courier service to DIRCO via our Gauteng offices. Unaffected classes of apostilles, can still be issued by the Local Divisions of the High Courts.

Because different classes of documents require different processes to be followed, it is advisable to first contact us by phone or by e-mail, alternatively you can click on the "Online Quotation" link above to obtain a quotation based on your specific documentation.

We also assist in the authentication of documents as defined by rule 63(1) of the High Court. The signature of a person who signed a document outside of the RSA, can be authenticated in various ways. Different rules apply to the authentication of (i) documents executed within the RSA for use outside of the RSA and (ii) foreign documents for use within the RSA.

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