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Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers

Law2ticks is the virtual (clicks & mortar) arm of the bricks & mortar law firm, Van Der Berg & Associates. Attorney, notary & conveyancer Tinus van der Berg operates in both environments, drawing on his legal and business experience spanning more than two decades. His interests are venture creation, mining & mineral law, notarial practice, company law, property development, commerce, e-commerce and international trade.

Every one of our associates practise law for their own account. Their diverse fields of specialisation enable our firm to offer a comprehensive set of legal services. Some of the legal areas we cover are: family law, estate planning, property law, intellectual property law, labour law, company law, civil and criminal litigation.

Our website is meant to be an extension of our normal service offering. We aim to simplify attorney-client interaction through the use of the internet and technology.

Notarial & Legal Services