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Antenuptial Contract

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If you click on the "Apply Online" button, a short questionnaire will prompt you for the information that we need to prepare a first draft version of your contract. We shall send you the draft within a few hours for your perusal, comment and questions. Only when you are happy with the final version of the document, do we set up a meeting for the signing and notarisation of the contract. Payment becomes due when we actually meet for the signing and notarisation of the Prenuptial Contract. Once signed and notarised, the contract is lodged at the local Deeds Office for registration.

An Antenuptial Contract or Prenuptial Contract arranges the matrimonial property system of spouses. Its purpose is to exclude the community of property and profit and loss. It also regulates whether the accrual system is to be included or excluded from the marriage. The parties may include any provision in the antenuptial contract, provided such provision is not against nature, reason, morality, public policy or prohibited by law and does not conflict with the essential consequences of marriage or is not calculated to lead to separation or divorce or to take over the powers of the court.

Antenuptial Contracts must be executed before a notary by the parties to the contract prior to them entering into their marriage. The parties may appoint and authorise another person or persons by means of a written power of attorney to appear before a notary and to sign the antenuptial contract on their behalf. The proprietary consequences of a marriage are governed by the laws of the country in which the husband was domiciled at the time of the conclusion of the marriage.

Contracts entered into in the RSA must be registered in a deeds registry within 3 months from the date of its execution and within 6 months if it is executed outside of the RSA

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